Once a week, we send you 50 software engineering jobs from high-quality startups backed by top VCs, curated manually from 30+ job boards to ensure quality & freshness.  

Our newsletter also include curated, career-focused resources that we think you ought to read this week - best practices & trends on engineering jobs, original data & research, and interviews with senior devs/ start-up leaders.

Why does this exist?

Many devs are struggling to find good, relevant job openings for the first time in their lives!

There have been so many layoffs over the last few quarters that we currently have several trackers and a dedicated Techcrunch page for them. Most big-tech/ FAANG companies are not hiring aggressively anymore. Recruiter inbounds have slowed down considerably, even for the best of devs. And developers, particularly the ones who need a new job now, are struggling to figure out how to source and evaluate high-quality job opportunities.

Thankfully, many high-quality startups are still hiring, though perhaps not as many as during the pandemic boom. But boy, it's not easy to find them! Traditional job sites are too crowded and don't have the necessary filters to judge the quality of a prospective employer. Many growing startups also post on job boards that many devs usually don't visit, e.g., those of their VCs and niche dev-focused ones.

{Startups} && {Devs} is our attempt to help solve this problem. 

What jobs do we send out every week, and how?

Every week, we go through 30+ job boards, including those from 20+ top VCs, to curate 50 software engineering jobs that match all of the following criteria:

  • Backed by a top 5% VC

  • Company Glassdoor rating 4+

  • Top quartile team-size growth for their segment and company size over the last two years

  • Job posted to a new platform in the last week (this indicates that the recruiters are still actively looking for candidates)

For all the jobs posted, we also bring together multiple data points from across platforms to help you identify the right opportunities just right for you. These include:

  • funding information from CrunchBase

  • Team size and growth information from Linkedin

  • Rating from Glassdoor and 

  • Skill-related information from the job posts

We try to ensure a healthy balance between frontend, backend, and full-stack roles, as well as across experience levels. We currently cover jobs in the US and India, covering remote, hybrid, and in-person roles. 

All this data is sent out as an Airtable so that you can group/ filter/ copy/ download it freely. 

You can find more about the job boards we curate from and how we curate the jobs every week in our first post here.

Who maintains this newsletter?

The team at Kombai.com run this newsletter. For any suggestions or questions on the newsletter, please email us at startupsanddevs@kombai.io

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